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5 Catchy Baby Yoda Songs To Brighten Your Day

The hit new show from Disney Plus, The Mandalorian, was first aired on November 12, 2019. It started off by introducing the titular bounty hunter, a highly-skilled Mandalorian with a reputation that is highly respected among the bounty hunter guild collective. However, as he took on a high stake assignment from shadowy figures of the old Empire, the audience focus quickly shifted to a brand new character in the Star Wars universe, officially called “The Child”.

Baby Yoda sipping bone broth

The Child is unmistakably from the same species as Yoda. Even though he is said to be 50 years old, the different biological timeline of the species made him be like a toddler in human terms. Added to the fact that in his first encounter with the Mandalorian, and viewers, he was in a baby cot-like floating pod, the internet quickly labeled him as “Baby Yoda”. As his popularity explodes just after the first episode, a new Star Wars superstar was born.

Baby Yoda summoning the force
Baby Yoda summoning the force

The mysteriously enchanting and adorable figure has since inspired songs to be written about him. Here we will take a look at a few popular Baby Yoda songs on YouTube, as well as our own Baby Yoda Song.

Baby Yoda Baby Baby Yoda (the original) | Song A Day #3974

One of the most popular Baby Yoda Song out there, this catchy tune was produced by Jonathan Mann, who has been writing a song a day for more than 5 years. The lyrics simply repeat Baby Yoda names 32 times, while describing how we have fallen in love with The Child, amidst chaos in the galaxy.

Baby Yoda Song by 【CYBER DIVA】

This Baby Yoda Song is an ode to the best moments with The Child in the first season of The Mandalorian. Written in more of a ballad style, the theme is how the Mandalorian came about to become the protector of The Child. Starting with recognizing Baby Yoda’s popularity in today’s meme culture, the song then went on to mention a few moments involving the beskar armor, bacta spray, Rising Phoenix and Razor Crest, which featured prominently in the show. The song also describes the first encounter between Mando and Baby Yoda, a rather cute meet-cute, if not because of a killer droid that was also on the scene.

The song that was produced by Toy Fan TV, curiously features a synthetic voice as the lead singer. Cyber Diva, the singer, is one of the main English speaking Vocaloids from Yamaha. You can, therefore, say that this song was sung by a droid.

Baby Yoda Song – A Star Wars Rap | by ChewieCatt

This rap song by ChewieCatt sounds like a heartfelt love letter to the adorable Child. Asking his listeners to look into Baby Yoda’s black round eyes, and tell him how that made them feel inside, ChewieCatt confesses that he tears up every time that he might die. The Child’s cuteness seems to elicit this kind of reaction quite often.

Baby Yoda (Floating In A Pod) – Parry Gripp – Artwork by Nathan Mazur

From the creator of Breakfast Burrito and Space Unicorn, this fun Baby Yoda song sings about Baby Yoda and his floating pods. It also mentions how the universe is going insane, but watching Baby Yoda encourages us to keep on keeping on. The tune is a rehash of Parry Gripp’s older song called “Baby Monkey”.

BABY YODA SONG! Yung Skywalker – Baby Yoda (Sippin’ On That Soup)

This hip hop tune by Yung Skywalker references one of Baby Yoda’s most memorable moments when he calmly sips bone broth soup while watching the Mandalorian and the shock trooper Cara Dune trying to kill each other. Yung Skywalker sounds like a big Star Wars fan.

This concludes our list of catchy Baby Yoda songs. Even if you are not a follower of the show or a Star Wars fan, you might still find these songs to be fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget to check out our Baby Yoda song!



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