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The llama unicorn song, a fun llamacorn song

A new kind of unicorn song: the llama unicorn song is a fun llamacorn song for all the llamacorn fans out there! We adore llamacorns, they are cute, cuddly, adorable, and magical. Sing and dance along with us!

Welcome to the llamacorn song web page! Inspired by other songs about unicorns, such as The Unicorn song by Shel Silverstein, as well as llama songs, the llamacorn song is about the combination of both creatures. Llamacorns are known to be adorable, cute and magical.

You can read more about Shel Silverstein and his unicorn song on our blog, where you can find a video clip of his live and acoustic performance of “The Unicorn”.

“What is a llamacorn?”, you might ask. In short, it is the magical combination of a llama and a unicorn. The result is a whimsical creature that looks like a llama, with a singular horn on its head. The llamacorn shares many characteristics of a unicorn, such as rainbowy, glittery and majestic. Being part llama, the llamacorn shares its reputation of being a dependable guardian of other animals and its human friends. Like the unicorn, llamacorns have the ability to fly above the clouds and the highest mountains.

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There is really no authoritative source on its origins, as llamacorns are one of those legends that appeared in popular culture. It was certainly made popular by the gaming community and the llamacorn can be found in popular games such as Fortnite, The Sims, and Roblox.

Regardless of its origins, the llamacorn holds a special place in our hearts. At Toy Fan TV, we are dedicated to creating more llamacorn themed animations, songs, and videos. You can find many of these all over the internet, including YouTube, Twitter, Giphy, Reddit and TikTok.

Llama unicorn song or llamacorn song by Toy Fan TV
Llama unicorn song or llamacorn song by Toy Fan TV

One of our favorite songs that we wrote is the llamacorn song. It describes the llamacorn and how much it is loved by its fans, in simple and easy to sing language. The melody and rhythm are catchy, making it a fantastic dance song for any occasion, including birthday parties, fan gatherings, or other kinds of events. It is both a llama song and a unicorn song. We selected Cyberdiva, which is one of the best English vocaloids, as the singer, and this made the song even more special.

Llama unicorn song or llamacorn song by Toy Fan TV
Llama unicorn song or llamacorn song by Toy Fan TV

We are grateful to our subscribers and viewers that have brought the total view of the llamacorn song music video on YouTube to more than half a million. With more than 2,000 likes, from viewers of all ages, the song is ever gaining popularity. Based on, the song ranks as the number one llamacorn song on YouTube. Even when you search for unicorn songs, this song usually ranks second only the venerable unicorn song by Shel Silverstein (performed by the Irish Rovers).

The llamacorn song is available on these platforms:

YouTube: Llama unicorn song on YouTube

Apple iTunes: Llamacorn Song on iTunes

Spotify: Llamacorn song on Spotify

Google Play: Llamacorn song on Google Play

TikTok: Llama unicorn song on TikTok

Llama unicorn song lyrics

Oh! My llama unicorn
Oh! My llama unicorn

You’re cute and cuddly
So soft and fluffy

Naturally adorable,
absolutely magical!

Oh! My llama unicorn
Oh! My llama unicorn

You’re sweet and dreamy
Sparkly and rainbowy

Marvelously mythical,
wonderfully whimsical

Oh! My llama unicorn
Oh! My llama unicorn

Melody & lyrics by CalisiMedia for ToyFanTV

Written and produced in Nashville, Tennessee

All rights reserved by CalisiMedia 2019

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