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The curious case of Jensen Ackles and the llama unicorn song

Jensen Ackles is one of the stars of the longest running science fiction series on TV, Supernatural. Along with Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, the main characters that they portray in the TV show are much beloved by their loyal fans. Jensen and Jared plays Dean and Sam Winchester, the two brothers at the center of the show’s long running saga, accompanied by Castiel, a guardian angel portrayed by Misha.

So how did a song about rainbowy llamacorns became entangled with the star of a show that has mostly dark, supernatural themes?

Well, esteemed reader, please read on.

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Supernatural has a very loyal and one of the most closed knit fandoms of science fiction shows. The fans would proudly refer themselves as part of a family, the SPN Family (#spnfamily on social media), as the show’s main message is about the importance of strong family values and ties. The show’s cast often mention the fan base fondly with the #spnfamily label. Jensen’s own beer company adopts the SPN’s family theme in it’s name: “Family Business Beer Company”.

As with many fandoms, there are dedicated fan conventions for Supernatural. The cast are usually very active in the convention circuit, and are often seen in many events throughout the year, all over the world.

Arguably the best Supernatural convention out there is the event in Rome, Italy, called the Jus In Bello (JIB) con. Named after one of the most popular episodes in Supernatural (Season 3, episode 12), JIB con has been held for 10 years in a row. Jensen, Jared and Misha are regular attendees and the featured attraction. This year, JIB 10 took place in May 2019.

Jensen Ackles llama unicorn song

Photo credit: @s_verasani instagram

While there are standard convention fares, such as photo opportunities with the stars, JIB is special in that it spends a lot of time on interactive panels with the show’s cast members. In these panels, fans get to interact with Jensen, Jared and Misha (or the “J2M”, in #spnfamily speak) individually and as a group. The panels are usually in free form, fireside chat style. Over the years, the stars have grown comfortable to the format and effortlessly interact and entertain the audience.

To make the panels even more fun, JIB organizers usually inject some creative and fun themes that the cast members can respond to. A long running theme with Jensen is a love/hate/troll/fun kind of relationship between him and unicorns. JIB staff would place unicorn plush toys, inflatable life sized unicorns, pinatas and other items on the stage that would at times leave Jensen exasperated, in a light hearted way. Jensen is a great sport and plays along with the theme, enjoying himself in the end and entertain the fans at the same time.

During JIB 10, a new dimension was added to the Jensen and unicorns theme. Enter the llama unicorn song. JIB organizers somehow came across the song on YouTube (on our very own, Toy Fan TV channel, yay!) and decided to play it on stage, as a background to Jensen’s panel with unicorns. Jensen’s reaction to the song and unicorn toys was hilarious and the fans loved it. In some of the videos of the panel, fans were seen laughing and clapping along with the song, while animated rainbow unicorn images were shown on the big screen. Click the YouTube video above to watch Jensen’s unicorn panel.

The llamacorn song was even played during the group panel with Jensen, Jared, and Misha, once again with fun reactions by the audience. Jared’s reaction when the dabbing unicorns came on the screen next to his face prompted much laughter. Click the YouTube video below to watch the J2M panel, with the llamacorn song on the stage.

While the convention was going on, a few of the fans visited Toy Fan TV’s YouTube channel and left wonderful comments on the llama unicorn song video page. Thank you, we really appreciate it!

Jensen Ackles JIB Llama Unicorn Song Comments


JIB 10 comments on llama unicorn song YouTube video


Even after the convention, some of the fans posted fun comments on social media, including the Jus In Bello convention fan page on Facebook.

Jensen Ackles JIB10 comments from JIB Facebook group


Comments about llamacorn song from JIB Facebook group

So there you have it. While the llama unicorn song was originally written for llamacorn fans of all ages, it was also created as a fun dance song. Along with our other songs (Easter Bunny song, Halloween song, Mother’s day song, and Little House song), we made the llamacorn song with the beautiful sounds of Cyberdiva Vocaloid. We believe that there should be more family-friendly dance songs with clean and simple lyrics so that the whole family doesn’t have to dance to dance songs with adult themes only. Moreover, we are also happy to have the #spnfamily, JIB con fans and everyone else have fun and dance with the llama unicorn song!

Click the YouTube link below to watch the llamacorn song music video!

Llama Unicorn Song Book

A sparkly and rainbowy visual journey with the song. Available now on Amazon.



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