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The Unicorn Crown

There was once a small town where a gifted jeweler lived, with a shop close to the royal castle. The jeweler was old and was past the age where he can keep up with the latest styles, so the style of jewelry in his shop was a little over a century ago.

One day, a noble prince came into his shop. The prince said that he must have a certain piece of jewelry made, an extraordinary crown with beautiful ornaments that would be very difficult to make. The jeweler was initially hesitant. However, he wanted to challenge himself and finally agreed to make the crown.

It took him several months, but the object was finally finished. The jeweler himself couldn’t help but be impressed with what he had created.

The prince, he assumed, would be coming in soon to collect the crown, but instead, he heard that there had been a revolution in the kingdom, and the noble and his wife, along with the rest of the royal family, had been killed. No one was to know of the crown. It was actually meant for the prince’s niece, although he would only find out much later.

Many years passed, and no one came for the crown. The jeweler was even beginning to think that the crown would remain with him until the day he died…

One day, a girl from town came into his shop. She told the jeweler that she had a dream about a unicorn and about a beautiful horned crown. She dreamt that she was instructed by the heavens that she has to find this crown. She told the jeweler about the crown in great detail, in particular, about the large horn that was the centerpiece of the crown. Listening to her description led the jeweler to realize that the crown was the one he had made for the prince all those years ago.

The girl went on further and told the jeweler that she had also seen a unicorn. Shyly, she admitted that she’d seen it a thousand times before, yet something held her back from telling anyone about it. The jeweler told the girl to come back the following morning to see the crown.

The next morning, the girl rushed to the shop to see the crown. As soon as she has it in her hands, she wears the crown hastily. The unicorn horn started to glow, and for some reason, this frightened the jeweler.

He tried to tell the girl that she should take it off, but the girl said that he won’t understand the crown’s power. She told the jeweler that the crown spoke to her, and told her that she can use the crown to summon an army of unicorns.

She told the jeweler that there were rumors of a coming rebellion . . . and that it would be the return of the descendants of the royal family that was wrongfully murdered. The girl was going to lead the fight for the throne as she was told to.

The morning passed . . . and the girl was gone, never to be seen again . . . not a shred of evidence was found to suggest that she was ever real. Only the crown remained.

From here, the story becomes legend, and the jeweler became the owner of the crown. As he passed on, his family continued to have the crown in their possession, though the knowledge about the girl and the crown’s power became forgotten.

What will happen next, centuries after this story took place?

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