My Little House Song

We love our house…it’s where our we live, always full of love that’s nice and warm! This song is about the place we call our home sweet home.

“My Little House”
Song lyric and guitar chords

G               C
This little house
C             G
I call my home
G             Dm
It’s full of love
G                     C
so nice and warm
No matter how far
C                     F
that I might roam
F                         G
My little house is
G                          C
my home sweet home

My little room
Is where I sleep
With all my toys and
treasures to keep

It’s where I get
tucked in to bed
With hugs and kisses
From mom and dad

My little garden
it’s where I play

watch all the flowers
grow everyday

beautiful sunshine
and butterflies

my little heaven
next to my house


Toy Fan TV


Music & lyrics by CalisiMedia for Toy Fan TV
All rights reserved by CalisMedia 2018

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